Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Bringing It Back Hotter, Sexier & Fun!

I'm wearing a dress by Zara, Hermes Bag & Primark Sandals

Hey Dolls (Pardon me, my fellow male readers lol) first of all I would like to apologise for my Lack of blogging and neglecting my readers on fashion updates. My life from the fashion world (working & blogging) has been so hectic and ridiculously BUSY! Those who know me personally knows I've been going through a tough time in many aspects of my life (Nothing critical guys lol) but I've got to the stage where I'm trying to find myself & know myself a little better -_- I sound like a woman in her Mids lol. Okay, back to the fashion buisness, I PROMISE To start blogging FAITHFULLY (2-3 times a week or maybe more ;) and I also promise to bring SEXY Back, CHIC back & FUN back into Fashion.

Like I always say...'Fashion makes life fun, even when it isn't'

Thanks for visiting! check back regularly for updated stories, photos and advice. Love you all <3