Monday, 26 July 2010

Rihanna Rocks Dolce And Gabbana Polka Dot Jumpsuit

Hey dolls ! I am in love with this colorful Dolce And Gabbana polka dot jumpsuit. This one shoulder jumpsuit is from the D&G Pre-Fall 2010 collection and features asymmetrical neckline overshadowed by the multicolored polka dots all over. it seems as though Rihanna's Red hair color as inspired her to play more with her clothes and seek out more vibrant and colorful outfits. Don't you just LOVE this jumpsuit ?

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Celeb Tab: Who Wore It Best ?

I Am Torn between both divas. Who wore this Lanvin black satiny dress better...JLO Paired it with an embellished blue necklace , Black Satin Ferragamo Heels and a Jimmy choo 'cecile' clutch. And Rihanna rocked the same dramatic one sleeved dress, she left the jewelery to a minimum and paired it with nude heels. WHO WORE IT BEST ?

I'm also loving the simplicity of the effortless beauty Halle Barry, and the Gorgeous Miss Keri Hilson looks, she went a little blonder, but it looks beautiful because it emphasizes her flawless complexion....

Let Me Hear Your VIEWS !

Summer Sales Shopping

Hey Dolls ! Omg I haven't blogged in a hot sec lol well as you know the summer sales as started so i'm shopping shopping shopping !!! I was on ASOS today and i came across these babies and i just had to buy them. The first shoes is a suede strap and buckle shoeboots and i fell in love with them the moment i saw them, i bought the taupe color but is also available in black...the second which i also love is for the winter season, it is a REAL leather ankle boot and is so easy to style and match !

Have you been doing your summer sales shopping ? And what do you think of these boots ? Get back to me by commenting....To purchase these boots click on the link below:

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Fabulous Clutch: Rock Chic

This Fierce and fabulous clutch will flap closure and all over and square studding detail, giving you this season's rock-chic vibe. Matching will be effortless.....This beautiful detailed clutch is from the one and only ALDO for only £20.98 SALE

To Purchase, Click on the link below:

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Make Up: Bare Minerals Original

Everything you want, with nothing that your skin doesn't need: This is make up so pure, you can sleep in it.

The bare minerals formula is a mix of make up and skincare: problem solving cosmetics that perfect and pamper the complexion. What's not in bareMinerals is just as important as what is. less is more. Bare Minerals is a very good make up brand, everything is made up from minerals which is ideal for sensitive skin. mineral make up is one of the hottest topics in the beauty world right now. it's natural looking and easy to apply.
Free of perspectives, talc, oil, fragrance and other harmful chemicals. the bareminerals range includes eye, and lip color, skin preps, brushes and more. bareMinerals range is available in Selfridges and other department store....check out there site for more info:

Sunday, 18 July 2010

HighStreet Vs Designer: Steal Or Splurge ?

Kim Kardashian zebra striped blazer is from Balmain and is worth £495, But thanks to ASOS you can purchase the similar look for a small fraction of the price of £25.00....Bargain Or what !!!

To Purchase click on the link below:

Make Up: Applying Foundation

Most Women only need a light application of foundation. Always remember....less is best.

  • Turn face and apply foundation to jawline and lower cheek. does it match your neck color? (note: always apply foundation downwards motion to minimize impact of facial hair)
  • foundation on face should be applied lightly, so that your skin is visible underneath. foundation is prettiest when blended into your skin rather than sitting on top of your skin.
  • when color is perfect, start covering entire face. the more you work with the foundation on your sponge (without adding more) the smoother, more sheer the foundation effect will be.
  • remember to blend all around the hair line, under jaw line, on ear lobes, if they are a different color. around nose, around eye up to the bottom lash line. and under the brow.
  • if one area of the face needs more concentration of coverage, apply lightly in that area using a dabbing touch (this is called stippling).
  • lightly powder to set the foundation this gives it a matte look. use a loose or press powder, if you have oily skin use a blot powder.
Which Foundation Should I Use ? These Are My Top Six:
1. MAC
2. Bobby Brown
3. Nars
4. Maybelline - If Your Not Planning On Spending Much, But It Is Really Good
5. Clinique
6. Mary Kay

Saturday, 17 July 2010

How Gorgeous Is This Maxi ?

This Sequin Floral Print maxi is from Miss Selfridge for only £50.00 Wear it with black or gold sandals, to emphazize the gold sequin at the top of the maxi.....DO YOU LOVE IT OR NOT ?

To Purchase, Click On The Link Below:

SALE: River Island + Further Reductions

Hey Dolls ! As most of you know, I work in selfridges at oxford street and as some of you may also know i'm also crazy about shopping.. every opportunity i get, be it being on my lunch or tea break, i walk about oxford street to shop ! lol After work yesterday i took a trip to the river island sale and i must admit it is preety good ! If your interested in the whole military and fringe look, then have a look at either there website, or take a visit to your nearest river island store...;)

Friday, 16 July 2010

Highstreet VS Designer: Peep Toe Wedges

These Gorgeous peep toe wedge is from boohoo for only £35.00 (Breathe ladies lol) ! Bargain or what ! Whilst Chloe's peep toe wedges are a gob smacking £575...Boohoo's Seems 'almost free'. lol Grab Yours Whilst It Last, I Believe it say's more than 50 in stock...I'm definitely grabbing mine !

Make Up Tip: Eyes

1. Always start eyeshadow application from outside corner in, most women make a mistake by starting from the inner corner of the eye. This motion sweeps the eyeshadow downwards. This causes the shadow to fall around your face, have u ever experienced this ?

2. Eyebrows Are the frame for the eyes and set the expression and mood of your entire face and therefore are one of your most important features!

3. For ultimatley thick eyelashes: coat upper and lower lashes with mascara: comb thru; then coat upper and lower lashes with second coat of mascara

4 If you have blue or green eyes stay away from eyeshadow colors that match too close with your own eye color.

5. To achieve the illusion of bigger eyes, liner you bottom rim with white eyeliner, and coat the bottom lashes lightly with mascara to achieve a natural look.

Stay tuned to find out how to go from a day look to evening look with your eyes !

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Beauty Tip: Organic Products

Organic products such as Olive Oil is really one of the best skin care remedies, a lot of people splash out unnessasary money on pricey beauty products, when there olive oil is at the back of there cuboards lol ! Its Great for revitalizing cuticles and skin, infuses maximum moisture, repairs cuticle and skin damage and detangles hair...All The Goodies In One Product !!!

Why Don't You Try Dropping A Tea Spoon Into Your Bath And feel the difference in your skin ;)

You Either Love Em Or Hate Em

Hey Dolls I'm In a Liminal State In terms of these boots. I Love the fact that it has a military look to it, and they may preety much give an edge to any outfit. They are from Topshop, £80.00....Are They Worth It ?

Womens Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2010

Although The British Weather Is Preety Much Crap, That Shouldn't Stop Us From Blossoming And Looking Good !!! As Females We Should Dress Up Every Day As If There Is A Special Occasion (I Know, Some Day's We Just Feel Like Wearing Whatever That Appears In Front Of Us In The Morning) No It Shouldn't Be Like This, As Paris Hilton Say's...'Dress Cute Everyday, Life Is Too Short To BLEND In' lol, Don't You Just Love That Phrase ?

Anyways As I'm Always Browsing Every Fashion Website, ASOS Seems to have a wonderful summer sales going on 50% Off all summer wear (I Know, Right ) I Ordered the most amazing Blazer, Mink Coat And Snake Skin Heels...Why Don't You Check It Out ???
Hey Dolls ! Welcome To My Fashion And Beauty Blog......My Purpose And Aim For Starting This Blog, Is Because I Know As Females We Can Go Through Many Lengths and Measures To Try And Achieve A Certain Look, Maybe To Feel A Sense Of Confidence Or Empowerment...Either Way I'm Here To Help You Look Good And Feel Good, Without Breaking The Bank !!!! lol, From What's New In The High-street-Superbrands/Designer Wear To Make Up And Beauty Tips !

I Will Try My Best To Write Daily....Feel Free To Ask Me Questions And Leave Comments Either Publicly Or Anonymously, And I Promise To Reply To Each And Every One Of You...Enjoy !!! X x X x