Sunday, 18 July 2010

Make Up: Applying Foundation

Most Women only need a light application of foundation. Always remember....less is best.

  • Turn face and apply foundation to jawline and lower cheek. does it match your neck color? (note: always apply foundation downwards motion to minimize impact of facial hair)
  • foundation on face should be applied lightly, so that your skin is visible underneath. foundation is prettiest when blended into your skin rather than sitting on top of your skin.
  • when color is perfect, start covering entire face. the more you work with the foundation on your sponge (without adding more) the smoother, more sheer the foundation effect will be.
  • remember to blend all around the hair line, under jaw line, on ear lobes, if they are a different color. around nose, around eye up to the bottom lash line. and under the brow.
  • if one area of the face needs more concentration of coverage, apply lightly in that area using a dabbing touch (this is called stippling).
  • lightly powder to set the foundation this gives it a matte look. use a loose or press powder, if you have oily skin use a blot powder.
Which Foundation Should I Use ? These Are My Top Six:
1. MAC
2. Bobby Brown
3. Nars
4. Maybelline - If Your Not Planning On Spending Much, But It Is Really Good
5. Clinique
6. Mary Kay

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