Friday, 16 July 2010

Make Up Tip: Eyes

1. Always start eyeshadow application from outside corner in, most women make a mistake by starting from the inner corner of the eye. This motion sweeps the eyeshadow downwards. This causes the shadow to fall around your face, have u ever experienced this ?

2. Eyebrows Are the frame for the eyes and set the expression and mood of your entire face and therefore are one of your most important features!

3. For ultimatley thick eyelashes: coat upper and lower lashes with mascara: comb thru; then coat upper and lower lashes with second coat of mascara

4 If you have blue or green eyes stay away from eyeshadow colors that match too close with your own eye color.

5. To achieve the illusion of bigger eyes, liner you bottom rim with white eyeliner, and coat the bottom lashes lightly with mascara to achieve a natural look.

Stay tuned to find out how to go from a day look to evening look with your eyes !

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  1. I think is brillant a wonder way how to apply make-up successfully.