Thursday, 15 July 2010

Womens Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2010

Although The British Weather Is Preety Much Crap, That Shouldn't Stop Us From Blossoming And Looking Good !!! As Females We Should Dress Up Every Day As If There Is A Special Occasion (I Know, Some Day's We Just Feel Like Wearing Whatever That Appears In Front Of Us In The Morning) No It Shouldn't Be Like This, As Paris Hilton Say's...'Dress Cute Everyday, Life Is Too Short To BLEND In' lol, Don't You Just Love That Phrase ?

Anyways As I'm Always Browsing Every Fashion Website, ASOS Seems to have a wonderful summer sales going on 50% Off all summer wear (I Know, Right ) I Ordered the most amazing Blazer, Mink Coat And Snake Skin Heels...Why Don't You Check It Out ???

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