Monday, 13 September 2010

A Little Treat From Me To You...

Colours From: Khaki, Beige And Black

Hey Chicks Just A Quick Post....On my way from church, i decided to have a quick look at Primark, it isn't one of my favorite pick on high-street wear, BUT I must say these 'babies' above literally took my breath away !!! How HOT Are these Wedges, I really found it hard to believe Primark created these, so i had to take a picture just to make sure this wasn't an elusive dream lol And to include to my shock, they were only £15 !!! Unfortunately Primark don't have an online shop, so pop in to your nearest store and have a look.....Let me know what you think of them, by commenting below...

1 comment:

  1. They Are Hot But Not Something I Would Wear I KNow You Would Wear Them Thouggh. Preferably With Them Khaki Trousers You Have That You Wore Youth Meeting Wed :)